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These Terms and Conditions form the basis of a binding agreement between Brelade Travel Limited and the Client.

Please read this document carefully.

Brelade Bushcraft is a section of Brelade Travel Limited and all reference to Brelade Travel Limited also relates to all and any sections of Brelade Bushcraft. The use of the word “we” refers to Brelade Travel Limited.

The use of the word “guide” or “Guide” refers to a person supplied by Brelade Travel Limited.

A "client" or "Client" is a person of any gender purchasing and/or attending a course / trip / seminar / event / experience / activity organised by Brelade Travel Limited. You are the Client. The use of the word “you” refers to the Client.

The course / trip/ seminar / event / experience / activity organised by Brelade Travel Limited is referred to as the “activity”.

If there is any part of this document you do not understand please place your query to Brelade Travel Limited before making a booking, by email on

THE TERMS & CONDITIONS set out here are standard and may not be changed without the written consent of Brelade Travel Limited. When you book an activity with Brelade Travel Limited or order equipment through Brelade Travel Limited you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms & Conditions as the basis of your contract with Brelade Travel Limited.



No booking shall be reserved until written (or email) confirmation has been issued by Brelade Travel Limited and payment of cleared funds has been received by Brelade Travel Limited.

Brelade Travel Limited reserve the right not to accept bookings and are not obligated to provide reasons for their decisions.

Please be advised that you will not be permitted to bring any animals/pets on any Brelade Travel Limited activity.

If you wish to change your booking this may be arranged on the following basis:-

• 6 weeks prior to date of the activity a £25 administration fee will be charged.
• Less than 6 weeks prior to the date of the activity you may forfeit the activity fee in full and the cancellation clause may be invoked.
• Any changes to bookings may incur additional charges if, at the time of the change in booking, the activity nominated is advertised or anticipated to be at a higher price than the original activity booked.

If you wish to cancel a booking you may do so up to 10 weeks before the date of that activity, and receive a full refund. Brelade Travel Limited reserve the right to charge a £25 administration fee. Cancellation must be made in writing (or by email). Brelade Travel Limited will confirm the cancellation and the date of this confirmation shall be deemed to be the date of the cancellation.

If you cancel less than 10 weeks before the date of the activity but more than 6 weeks before the activity date a 50% refund of the activity fee will be refunded if you are able to produce documentation confirming the following:-

• Medical reasons supported by your doctor in written form. This may apply to yourself or a close relative.
• Death of a close relative or a member of your group if the booking has been made on behalf of a group. A copy of a death certificate may be requested.
• Jury or witness service in a British Court of Law. Supporting documentation may be requested.

If you cancel your booking less than 6 weeks before the date of the activity, the full activity fee remains due and Brelade Travel Limited reserves the right to pursue any outstanding amounts through the appropriate legal channels.

Cancellation by Brelade Travel Limited may from time to time become necessary in the event of extreme circumstances - Client safety is always given prime consideration. Restriction of movement imposed by Government bodies or exceptional weather are normally the overriding reasons for cancellations, but Brelade Travel Limited reserves the right to cancel an activity without disclosing reasons whenever we see fit. In the event of such a cancellation, Clients will be offered an alternative date / activity, or if no alternative can be agreed a full refund will be made.


When a Client places a order for equipment it is with an understanding that the price may vary from the time of publication of the Kit Order Form. In the case of faulty products, our liability is limited to that of our suppliers.


When a Client makes a payment to Brelade Travel Limited this is an acceptance that the Client(s) have read, understood and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.


Brelade Travel Limited carries all the usual forms of insurances for the style of activity offered (see below). We strongly recommend that Clients take appropriate advice to review their own insurance needs, including cover for their own individual risks, for example: with a comprehensive insurance policy that includes extreme sports cover.



Each child or individual under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who takes full responsibility for their welfare and conduct in line with the requirements of these terms and conditions.



Brelade Travel Limited holds £5,000,000 of Public Liability Insurance with a reputable insurer and ensures all freelance guides maintain similar or higher level of cover; a copy of the Insurance Certificate is available on request.


Clients are responsible for their arrival at the designated meeting point in a timely manner to join the activity.


An activity can be held in various habitats, and the Client acknowledges that these environments are not completely hazard free.

While Brelade Travel Limited makes every effort to reduce risks, we will not be held liable for accidents, mishaps or losses that are not a result of proven negligence on the part of Brelade Travel Limited, or for any accidents or losses that are due to Client’s failure to follow the instructions given or implied by the Guide.


Brelade Travel Limited will not be liable for any losses incurred due to the failure on behalf of the Client to disclose medical information, or keep Brelade Travel Limited up to date with any relevant changes to this information.


Brelade Travel Limited cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage to Clients’ personal belongings, clothing, money or vehicles. Brelade Travel Limited will not be responsible for any accidents or mishaps occurring to third parties taught by attendees of any activity organised by Brelade Travel Limited now or at any time in the future.


Clients agree not to instigate legal action against Brelade Travel Limited. It is herewith agreed that all and any action thought justified by a Client shall be heard by independent arbitration, the ruling from which both sides shall consider to be binding.



Safety is a prime concern during the term of the activity, Clients undertake not to behave in a manner that is dangerous or violent or insulting to any of the Clients or personnel or persons, whether authorised or not, who are in the vicinity.


Clients must comply with all reasonable instructions and directions given or implied from the guide during the term of the activity.


Clients undertake to behave in a safe and reasonable manner at all times during the activity and in the local vicinity, and not to prejudice the enjoyment or the safety or wellbeing of other activity Clients.


Alcohol or illegal drugs are not permitted, and Clients must not be intoxicated or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the term of activity.


Clients must not use foul or abusive language.


Clients must not make statements or display attitudes or physical signs of a racist, sexist, homophobic or defamatory nature.


All Clients will be sent a kit list prior to the commencement of the activity, all items specified should be brought to the activity.

Knives and axes may be used during the activity, these may not be used by Clients until the guide has indicated Clients are capable of using this equipment in a safe manner.


Clients must not cut any living tree, or part of a living tree, or dig up or remove flora or fauna without direct instruction from a guide.


Fires must not be ignited without the direct authority of the guide, and shall not be left unattended at any time. The person lighting the fire must remain with the fire until relieved by the Guide, or by another Client on instruction of the Guide.


For all and any equipment issued to Clients during the activity, Clients are liable for its loss or damage. All equipment must be returned to the Guide in the same condition it was issued.


Brelade Travel Limited reserve the right to terminate Client’s attendance at the activity without refund or liability if Clients fail to comply with any of the Terms & Conditions.



Clients agree that all and any photographs or videos shot during or in connection with Brelade Travel Limited may be used by Brelade Travel Limited in any way we deem fit. Clients may opt out of this clause by informing Brelade Travel Limited in writing at the time of booking. Any Client opting out must remove themselves from all and any photographic / video sessions if they wish their opt out to remain valid.


Clients agree not to post any words or images on any social media platform that could bring Brelade Travel Limited and/or Brelade Travel Limited personnel and/or Brelade Travel Limited services, into disrepute. Whilst Brelade Travel Limited welcomes comments from Clients, Clients agree not to post adverse or negative opinions on any platform until Brelade Travel Limited has had the opportunity to resolve the matter through the Complaints Procedure.


Clients agree not to post any material on any social media platform of a rude or foul nature or that would in anyway offend any persons associated with a Brelade Travel Limited activity.



Brelade Travel Limited seeks to provide Clients with a first class service, however if you have a complaint you should in the first instance approach your guide and discuss your concerns. Where a complaint can be seen to be justified, Brelade Travel Limited will without admission of liability attempt to rectify the problem without unreasonable delay.


All and any complaints must be made in writing within 10 days of completion of the activity. Any complaint lodged after this time may be disregarded. Any complainants will have their situation reviewed on an individual basis.



When Clients arrive for an activity they will be asked to sign a waiver absolving Brelade Travel Limited of any liability. The contents of the waiver form is based on the Terms & Conditions set out above.


Any Client refusing to sign the waiver form will not be permitted to undertake the activity and will not be entitled to a refund or a rearranged booking onto an alternative activity.


Date these Booking Terms & Conditions were updated: 15 March 2019


Brelade Travel UK - Bushcraft Terms and Conditions, picture of an acorn
Brelade Travel UK - Bushcraft Terms and Conditions, picture of an acorn


Brelade Travel UK - Bushcraft Terms and Conditions, picture of an acorn